Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Convection System?

All Varde stoves are based on a convection system that introduces cold air at the bottom of the stove and then releases heated air at the top. This special system promotes good air circulation and increases heat into the room.

What is the AirBox External Air Facility?

Selected Varde stoves feature a superb ‘AirBox’ external air combustion facility. Taking combustion air from outside the building reduces draughts and greatly increases fuel economy to give you extra comfort in your home.

What is the Airwash System?

By cleverly controlling the airflow within the stove, the glass is kept clear from soot, thus allowing an uninterrupted view of the beautiful rolling flames within.

What is the Cleanburn System?

All Varde stoves have a Cleanburn system that introduces pre-heated combustion air into the top of the firebox which increases heat output and results in fewer soot particles going up the chimney.

What size stove do I need to heat my room?

To achieve a relaxing room temperature of around 21ºC when the external air temperature is at freezing (0ºC) you will need approximately 1kW of heat output for every 14 cubic meters of space.

Measure the length, width and height of your room and multiply the three figures together.

For example, a room measuring 7m long by 4m wide and with a height of 2.5m is 70 cu. m. of space. Divide by the sum by 14 and this means you will require a 5kW stove.

However this is just a rough guide, factors such as the number of outside walls, the size of windows and whether they are double glazed, the age of the home etc, can all influence the heat requirement.

We would always recommend you consult your local Varde retailer for a site survey before making your decision.

Do you sell stoves direct to the public?

No. We believe you need to see a selection of models and discuss your individual requirements both technical (such as sizing the heat output to your room and advising on your flue type) and design; and ensure that you choose the most appropriate appliance for your home.

Our retailers will be able to advise on or assist with the installation process as well as help provide any after-sales support and servicing your appliance may require in the future.

Who can install my stove?

An experienced, HETAS approved installer should fit your stove. Your Varde retailer should be able to arrange this for you or you can find details of HETAS registered installers by visiting