The Epitome of Danish Design

Varde is one of the leading Scandinavian manufacturers of high-efficiency wood burning stoves, focused on combining functionality, quality materials and designer aesthetics.

With a stylish collection of freestanding models, each at the pinnacle of contemporary stove design and incorporating the latest technology, a Varde stove offers complete ease of use and the finest flame experience to bring comforting warmth and an inviting atmosphere into your home.

At Varde, we have a burning passion for creating beautiful stoves that epitomise the fine craftsmanship and design flair that runs throughout our Danish heritage.

Brochure Download

Our latest brochure offers a wealth of information on our comprehensive range of wood burning stoves and wood burning fires. VARDE products are only available through our network of experienced independent retailers who can help you select the most appropriate product for your home.

Technical Documents

Your VARDE stove should always be installed by a qualified installation engineer. Below are PDF files of our standard installation procedures. These may be downloaded and used for reference if required.

Smoke Control Areas

Living in a Smoke Control Area means you are permitted to burn authorised fuels (not wood) in a non-exempt appliance. By visiting DEFRA, you can view the list of fuels authorised to burn in Smoke Control Areas.

5 Year Warranty

Your VARDE Stove retailer will provide you with a Five Year Warranty for your new stove. The continuation of the warranty is dependant on your appliance being serviced by an appropriately qualified person 12 months after installation and annually thereafter.

Ecodesign Plus

VARDE stoves that bear the Ecodesign Plus label are compliant with forthcoming Ecodesign regulations on CO, Particulates, OGC’s and NOx emissions. Nothing comes close to the real-fire ambiance that comes from heating your home with this fuel source.

Expert Retailer Network

Our products are only available from experienced, independent retailers who will be happy to show you a selection of models locally in their showrooms, often fully operational; discuss your individual requirements and ensure that you select the most appropriate product for your home.